Wall / Interior

Insulating perimeter walls from the interior, namely dry lining, consists in thermally insulating walls from the inside of a building, that is to say, the part facing the heated room, without resorting to expensive works on the structure or facade. It is a widely used system during building renovations or to increase comfort and energy conservation in a condominium's housing unit. This system is preferred in all those cases in which thermal insulation is poor, in rooms that are used occasionally as is the case of second homes, if you prefer a system with lower thermal inertia, namely with a faster response to heating, or if you wish to avoid bothering those living in the housing unit with long masonry works. Another type of application is thermal insulation of rooms below ground from the inside. Besides saving energy, good wall insulation greatly improves living comfort; even a difference of 2 °C between the walls of a room can create convective air currents that make a room less comfortable.

The advantages of insulating from the inside are:
- Clean working
- Laying not affected by weather conditions
- Higher surface temperatures and hence greater comfort
- No architectural modification needed
- Fast heating
- Low cost


The GIBITEC® ES prefabricated panel has been designed for this type of application. It has a layer of plasterboard coupled with a layer of X-FOAM® extruded polystyrene without extrusion skin to ensure top thermal insulation, very low water absorption, high compressive strength and constant performance over time. The product is ready to be laid and it can be directly glued and mechanically fastened to the perimeter wall. During laying, the joints are to be sealed with reinforced filament tape and special mortars. When laying the panels, it is good practice to pay attention to their alignment and avoid that any adhesive or stucco seeps through the joints. The surface is ready for a final hand of paint. If the walls are not perfectly perpendicular or have rough surfaces, we recommend the GIBITEC® ES panels on a frame of strips previously built to create a cavity useful for scattering vapor or installing systems. Use X-FOAM® shims to lift the GIBITEC® ES panel off the ground to avoid that the plasterboard layer is affected by the hygrometric conditions in the joint between the floor and wall.

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