A parking roof is a type of carriageable inverted roof characterized by high operating load values.In this solution, it is important to determine the action of accidental, dead and dynamic loads and adopt the appropriate measures. The paving must be laid according to the state of the art. The recommended thermal insulation is X-FOAM® HBT 500, which, thanks to its high compressive strength of 500 kPa, is laid, as in the case of all other inverted roofs, on top of the waterproofing layer. Before laying the load-distribution layer, a layer of kraft paper or another material is to be applied to prevent the concrete from penetrating between the extruded polystyrene boards. A reinforced concrete bed is then laid. Its thickness is to be calculated considering the expected loads (at least 8 cm). The carriageable surface layer is to be designed for vehicle traffic and made of cement-based screed. A parking roof is like the one illustrated in the figure: the load rests on the surface and it is distributed over area A called "path". The cement layer of the paving above distributes the load to the underlying layer at a 45° angle hence affecting a larger load area on the insulating layer called B. The load in kg/cm2 applied in area A is hence greater than that weighing on area B, namely the insulation, based on the A:B ratio between the two surfaces.A safety coefficient must be taken into account for static loads.

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