Roof / Sloped roofs with ventilated gap over membrane

X-FOAM® EASY TEGOLA is the most recommended system for insulating sloped roofs. The boards are provided with special grooves to facilitate laying of the roof components and they come in various tile pitches to be used as an all-purpose insulation system. The excellent thermal and hygrometric properties of X-FOAM® EASY TEGOLA are matched by the advantages of micro-ventilation in the layer below the tiles thanks to the grooves facilitating the rising current going from the eaves to the ridge, thus reducing the temperature below the tiles and improving thermal and hygrometric conditions (no more condensate and mildew) and the roofing's life. Laying X-FOAM® EASY TEGOLA does not require any mechanical fastening to the waterproofed slab with the exception of cases of extreme weather conditions or slopes with gradients over 45°. In these cases, fastening by points with polyurethane or silicone adhesives is recommended. The boards are laid one next to the other going from right to left and from the eaves to the roof ridge using water-based adhesives without solvents, which may damage extruded polystyrene boards. Apply a wood strip or ledge in mortar having the same thickness of the insulation along the eaves line. The width of the strip or ledge is to be sized so that the first row of tiles protrudes into the gutter by the desired length. We suggest using a bird screen or venting strip on the eaves line. Lay the tiles directly on the X-FOAM® EASY TEGOLA boards with joggle fit into the relevant diagonal grooves. The longitudinal grooves provide for ventilation. The boards are treadable and can be easily shaped using normal work tools.

Fast and versatile laying.
Micro-ventilation below tile. 
Thermal insulation without thermal bridging.

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