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Good floor thermal insulation ensures a good temperature avoiding cold spots and the forming of surface condensate while saving energy. A very heating type of heating system that is being increasingly used and allows for uniform temperature and major energy savings is the radiant floor. The most convenient thermal carrier is low temperature water (more or less the same temperature of sanitary hot water: 30 - 35 °C) running through heaters by means of special piping. Low temperatures favor the integration of other heat sources such as heat pumps and water solar collectors; they reduce heat losses in the distribution system, corrosion and scaling in piping, but they require heaters with a large surface covering even the entire treadable surface. One product especially recommended for this type of application is POLIISO® AD. It consists of expanded polyurethane panels coated with embossed aluminum. Thanks to this special combination of foam and coating, this product offers one of the best thermal conductivity λ available on the market ( λD = 0,022 W/mK). The waterproof support allows the product to achieve a μ value = ∞, that is to say a total barrier to the passage of water vapor. The panel is also characterized by a good mechanical performance.

Laying: the panelsare simply laid dry on the surface and fit together side by side. A sheet of polyethylene is used to protect the insulation when casting the concrete slab. The piping system is then laid and fastened on the separating layer, the concrete slab is cast and the flooring is laid. POLIISO® AD is waterproof. Thanks to the embossed aluminum coating it is resistant to water leaks and water vapor. However, it is good practice to avoid that any debris ends up in the joints between one panel and another.


- Conduction heating.
- Pleasant surface temperature.
- Easily settable heating system.
- More space for furnishing because there are no radiators.
- Central heating.
- Less heat losses through the distribution system.
- High thermal inertia.

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