Floor / floors

In floors thermal insulation is laid on the floor and under the flooring. In this type of floor, the insulation needs to bear working loads that are not very large yet are permanent. The insulation is also exposed to possible water vapor condensation: in order to avoid this risk, the floor's surface temperature needs to be not much lower than that of the room's air temperature. For all these reasons, the thermal insulation used for this type of application must have good hygrometric properties and mechanical performance.

Laying: once the concrete slab is cleaned and leveled, the X-FOAM® HBD insulation boards are laid on it covering the entire surface. The boards do not need to be fastened mechanically; all you need to do is lay them on the surface. The flooring is then laid on the insulating layer by applying adhesive mortar or a slab of at least 4 cm in thickness. In order to complete the floor, a desired coating layer is applied (partitions, slabs or simply treadable screed). Thanks to their near zero capillarity and to the fact that they do not absorb water,  X-FOAM® boards do not require any protective layer against water that may be present in the concrete mix or overlapping layers.

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