Ediltec Isolanti termici

(Code on the safeguard of personal data)

Dear Customer/Vendor,
We hereby inform you that Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (Privacy Code) provides for the safeguard of natural persons and other entities with regard to the processing of personal and sensitive data. In compliance with the principle of transparency, please be informed that your personal data of a common and fiscal nature provided when entering into a contract with us will be processed in a lawful and proper manner and at the utmost levels of security. Pursuant to article 13 of said law, we must inform you of the following:

Your data will be processed for the following purposes: performance of obligations arising from a contract, which you are a party to or to meet your specific requests before the performance of the contract; compliance with obligations of Italian law, regulations, and Community regulations; obligations relating to administrative, commercial, fiscal and accounting activities relating to and arising from the contractual relationship.
2.3 In caso in cui, invece, vengano scoperti difetti qualitativi del prodotto, il cliente deve notiziarne immediatamente il venditore e comunque entro 8 giorni dalla scoperta fornendo ogni utile descrizione/illustrazione del vizio con qualsiasi mezzo e/o supporto a disposizione, nonché fornendo dimostrazione sull’idoneità e correttezza della movimentazione e dello stoccaggio dei prodotti. Non sarà riconosciuta la sostituzione del prodotto se lo stesso è stato applicato e se gli eventuali difetti dello stesso, con l’uso della diligenza professionale, sarebbero stati riconosciuti prima dell’applicazione, e tantomeno saranno riconosciuti danni ulteriori, connessi o consequenziali, diretti ed indiretti.

Obligatory nature of providing data
The provision of data is generally voluntary from a strictly legal perspective. The failure to provide some data may make it entirely or partially impossible to effectively perform the contractual obligations undertaken. Data is collected through direct contact with you (or your company).

Data can be processed either on hardcopy or electronically.

Communication and disclosure
All the data collected cannot be disclosed or communicated to any other party without obtaining your express approval with the sole exception of communication for the purposes above to: public or private entities that may gain access to the data by law (law enforcement, judiciary, tax police); public or private entities performing activities relating or instrumental to the execution of the contract such as, for instance: insurance companies, banks, savings management companies, stock brokerage companies, credit collection and payments management firms, firms operating in the transportation sector; consultants like professionals or firms providing services and consulting in the tax, legal, administrative and labor fields. The employees and staff working in the personnel office and administration may come to learn of your data in the capacity of persons in charge of processing. Data will not be disclosed to parties with registered office in non-EU countries without your prior express approval.

The data controller is EDILTEC SRL, with registered office in Modena, at no. 474 of Via Giardini, in the person of its legal representative.

Rights of the data subject
In accordance with article 7 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, in addition to the information provided herein, you are entitled to: obtain clear and free confirmation as to whether or not his personal data exist; obtain updating, rectification or integration of the data or erasure, anonymization or blocking of data that have been processed unlawfully or whose retention is unnecessary for the purposes for which they have been collected; deny processing of personal data where it is carried out for the purpose of sending advertising materials or direct selling or else for the performance of market or commercial communication surveys.

EDILTEC offers and advertises its products for particular applications. However, it is up to the end user to carry out the appropriate tests to determine the suitability of the product for the application envisaged. The purchaser is responsible for the final decision about the suitability of the product when laid. EDILTEC, as manufacturer or distributor of the materials, does not exercise any control over the installation of the products in its range and does not assume any responsibility with regard to photographs, drawings and literature appearing in its commercial technical documentation. EDILTEC reserves the right to make any changes, improvements or variations to its products and publications that may be considered necessary, at any time and without prior notice. Products must be stored in their original packaging and in covered premises, in order to avoid exposure to water, bad weather and direct sunlight. On site, if there is a risk of unexpected storms, it is good practice to cover both the product to be applied, and the product when already applied, with polythene sheets. Cellular plastic materials comprising POLIISO panels or X-FOAM boards contain a flame-retardant which prevents them igniting accidentally if exposed to a small source of heat, but they are combustible and will burn rapidly if exposed to an intense flame. EDILTEC accepts only purchase orders complete with sales conditions, communicated in writing by the end customer or the sales agent. If this is not the case, the company declines all responsibility for goods and/or return conditions not complying with requirements.