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POLIISO® TEGOLA DOPPIO PASSO is a yellow structural, load-bearing panel for thermal insulation below tile made of rigid, closed-cell PIR, expanded between embossed aluminum supports. The panels with 4 shiplap edges have nominal λD values of 0,022 W/mK according to European standard EN 13165 and compressive strength values of  ≥150 kPa; they are 1180 mm long, the width is the double of the step of the tile and the thicknesses range from 60 to 120 mm. The panels have a fire classification of EUROCLASS E according to European standard EN 13501-1; two tile-bearing metal profiles inserted along their length makes them fit for load-bearing. They have holes to favor micro-ventilation under the covering layer.

From always, EDILTEC has given response to the requirements of the market and is the first company of the sector that proposes this typology of product.

This product is more manageable thanks to the length of 1180mm. Respect of the version of long 2400mm, the product facilitates the mobility, storage and application.


APPLICATIONS WITH POLIISO® TEGOLA DOPPIO PASSO: microventialted sloped roof below tiles