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From 1 July 2013 the application of the new Construction product Regulation (CPR) No. 305/2011 is mandatory. This regulation defines the conditions of the CE mark. In the following points we highlight the innovations that we consider to be more important:
1. According to article 4 and 6, the EC Declaration of conformity shall be replaced by the declaration of performance. The performance declaration describes the performance of the construction products in relation to the essential characteristics of these products, in accordance with the relevant harmonised technical specifications.

2. According to articles 8 and 9, the CE marking shall be affixed only to the construction products for which the manufacturer has drawn up a declaration of performance.

3. According to article 11 "obligations of manufacturers", the manufacturer must draw up the declaration of performance in accordance with articles 4 and 6 and consequently the CE marking on the product in accordance with articles 8 and 9. It is therefore by affixing the CE marking the manufacturers claim to take responsibility for the conformity of the construction product with the PDO. Manufacturers shall ensure that procedures are in order to ensure that mass production retains the declared performance.

4. In accordance with article 15, "cases where manufacturers ' obligations apply to importers and distributors", an importer or distributor, if they enter a product on the market under their own name or trade mark or modify a construction product already placed on Market to such an extent that it can influence compliance with the declaration of performance, is considered as a manufacturer and is subject to the obligations of the manufacturer in accordance with article 11 (it will be the importer or distributor who must draw up the Declaration of performance).

5. In article 14, the obligations of distributors shall be treated:
• when they put a construction product on the market, distributors exercise due diligence to meet the requirements of the regulation.
• Before placing a construction product on the market, the distributors shall ensure that the product, where required, is marked with the CE marking and is accompanied by the required documents and safety instructions and information written in a language , established by the Member State concerned, which can be easily understood by the users. The distributors shall also ensure that the manufacturer and the importer have fulfilled the requirements of the regulation.
• A distributor, who considers or has reason to believe that a construction product is not in conformity with the declaration of performance or does not comply with other applicable requirements of this Regulation, does not put the product on the market Until it is made subject to the accompanying declaration of performance and the other applicable requirements of this Regulation or until the declaration of performance has been corrected. In addition, where the product presents a risk, the distributor shall inform the manufacturer or importer and the market supervisory authorities.

6. According to article 36 "Use of the appropriate technical documentation", a manufacturer may replace the type test with appropriate technical documentation which shows that the construction product falling within the scope of a standard Harmonised, which the manufacturer has placed on the market, corresponds to the product-type of another construction product, produced by another manufacturer, and which has already been subject to evidence in accordance with the relevant harmonised standard. The manufacturer may use the test results obtained by another manufacturer only with the latter's authorisation.